Abbeykj says:

“80Bites The Dancers Diet by PhysicalMind Institute is well-worth reading.  I rate it 4 out of 4 stars! It was interesting to read, and it was written well enough to keep anybody interested in a wellness book. I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a healthy change in their life, anybody interested in learning about their body, and anybody looking to learn loads of information about health”…(read the rest of Abbeykj’s review HERE).

Clara says:

“I have always been this big-boned girl who is thick. With the constant media portrayal of a skinny woman being the ultimate image of women, I always jumped on the next train of diets as they were coming and going. I would lose weight quickly and gain it back very quickly. It became an anthem of gaining weight and losing weight. After avoiding certain foods for so long, I would binge on bad foods. So, I stopped dieting as it got me nowhere. When I started reading 80 Bites: A Dancers Diet, I changed my way of thinking. I am able to eat what I want but in smaller portions as my stomach has reduced its size and can now be full with just a few bites. My body is now losing weight gradually and I even feel lighter as I don’t have the burden of restricting from the bad foods”…(read the rest of Clara’s review HERE).

Mary says:

“I have read many diet books over the years, looking for that perfect plan, which would help me get thin and stay fit. Eat this, don’t eat that, only eat at these times, never eat after that time: paleo, keto, vegan, fasting, counting calories, points, macros, percentages – I thought I had seen it all. 80 Bites: The Dancers Diet is a refreshingly new take on the most basic method of weight control, the only one that actually works: eating reasonable portions. Where other calorie restriction plans have you weighing and measuring every meal, calculating and tracking, 80 Bites only requires you to count the number of bites you eat, stopping when you reach the limit for your meal. It’s that simple.”…(read the rest of Mary’s review HERE).

Uthpala says:

“Are you fed up with trying weight loss practices? 80Bites: The Dancers’ Diet is a practical guide to weight loss beyond the myths of “calories in-calories out”. The e-book is multifaceted with the combination of online videos and 80Bites app. You will not get bored with all of this blending culture; it gives a fresh and revolutionary experience for readers. It is obvious the book becomes more popular with this fancy approach.”…(read the rest of Uthpala’s review HERE).

Lara says:

“Weight loss is a major problem with many people, and there are so many questions with just too many answers. Well, if that was not the case, I wouldn’t be able to say this: 80Bites: The Dancers’ Diet has it all! From chewing to eating patterns and beverage habits. Even articles about protein, vitamins, hormones…to be honest, there are too many topics to name them all. Not even halfway through you will be bombarded with information and probably an overwhelming feeling, which can be good or bad. Because of that, I would recommend keeping this book on your shelf until a question pops up in your head and then you go grab it because you can probably find the answer there.”…(read the rest of Lara’s review HERE).

Guda says:

80Bites: The Dancers’ Diet by PhysicalMind Institute, is an unconventional and bold book about a 12-step program that focuses on a realistic and practical weight loss approach. Rather than calories, it focuses on the hormones insulin, cortisol, ghrelin, and leptin. The approach relies on listening to your body and tuning it back to its natural functioning routine. This is a very different and unique approach compared to the conventional weight loss programs in the market and media. It firstly focuses on the mind and its power to be in tune with the body, making it a simple, affordable, and everyday approach. It is all about how to eat (natural eating) and no expensive diets.”…(read the rest of Guda’s review HERE).

Jopey says:

“The things I liked from the book are the notion of a balanced meal and the idea of no “good food” and “bad food” types. Also, the aspect of not counting calories or reading labels or trying to figure out if one is eating the right percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The 12-steps 80Bites plan and the way it presents the side effects of a stretched stomach and how it directly affects the most important gut hormones, leptin, which makes one feel full and ghrelin, which makes one feel hungry are not exemptional.”…(read the rest of Jopey’s review HERE).

Jess says:

“I read 80bites: The Dancers’ Diet and not only was this a great book, but it really finds a way to capture your attention. To start off the way the book begins is amazing. I find that many other books about dieting can be very boring and start off like any other normal book. 80 Bites: The Dancers’ Diet, however, takes a sort of different approach to grabbing their readers’ attention. They start off with reviews about the diet that other people have written. They also incorporate a question and answer. This is where they answer many questions that the reader may have about the diet. I think that this is a great way to start off because they are answering questions right away and not making you have to read through pages to find the answer you’re looking for, instead, it’s right there in front of you!”…(read the rest of Jess’ review HERE).

Hannah says:

80Bites: The Dancers’ Diet, by PhysicalMind Institute, is an eating guide designed for dancers, focusing on the quantity of food being eaten in one day. However, non-dancers can benefit from this book as it does give insight into the dos and don’ts of everyday eating. While reading this book, I felt as though it gave me a lot of information that I didn’t know previously about eating. Being someone that struggles with bad eating habits and weight loss, overall, I really appreciated this book and the knowledge it provided me with. Therefore, I am giving it a rating of 3 out of 4 stars.”…(read the rest of Hannah’s review HERE).

Pinchofchel says:

“Dieting tends to be frustrating and hard to follow through till the end, especially if the program you are using is telling you to ditch your favorite meals and pick up bland-tasting green vegetables as an alternative. Authors Joan Breibart, Meredith H. Luce, and Mary Beth Langlinais have made it possible to eat whatever you want and still maintain a healthy lifestyle in their book. At a glance, it may come off that the main plot of the book is to promote the 80Bites app. Several pages into reading, the book’s tone neutralizes into an informative tone. The app does not encourage dieting but instead, it helps people make healthy eating a lifestyle.”…(read the rest of Pinchofchel’s review HERE).