80BITES – Reset Your Body in 12 Steps

is for anyone who...

Binges, Overeats, or Obsesses about Nutrition & Food.

80Bites: BETTER than Intermittent Fasting.

80Bites: 12 Easy Steps to Food Freedom - - Reboot Your Body & Mind in 6 Weeks.

Here's the science:

“In the past 4 months following the 80Bites approach, I have lost 20 lbs and have reduced my pants size from 36 to 34. I am a Type 2 diabetic and have reduced my number of meds by over 30%. I can’t say enough what 80Bites has done for me.”
Sam A.
Long Island, NY
“I dropped Weight Watchers and am just using my 80Bites. Without the frustration of point tracking, now I am happily eating with my little app. Thank you!”
Ellie W.
Sacramento, CA
“I’ve been doing 80Bites for four weeks. Now it seems almost automatic that I’m finished eating at 20 -25 bites. It’s easy when your stomach counts for you! And I am not stressed as I used to be when I dieted before, and believe me, I’ve done many diets.”
Stephanie B.
Dallas, TX

“Losing weight is now more confusing than ever. Intermittent fasting is a just a term to distract from what used to be natural eating: meals with appropriate portion and never snacking. Since only small children snacked because of their tiny stomachs, the  diet biz rebranded this as  “grazing.” Eating all the time stimulates hunger— not reduces it. Hunger is not a result of too few calories but unbalanced hormones, which mean insulin resistance so your brain says you are hungry but your body doesn’t need to eat. Then there is cortisol which results from stress, probably the unnecessary guilt from eating “bad” foods. Once this cortisol stays elevated – cortisol overload – then it “talks” to insulin and screws up its functioning. Whatever happened to portions? An average plate today has 50 bites – twice what we used to eat – so visually we don’t see that is too much. In the end, it is simple: eat less, less often and then your stomach starts to help you eat less and then the hormones start to work for you. 80Bites takes you back to when a muffin was HALF the number of bites it is today – about 30 – and it was all you could eat!”