Well, this is awkward. Here I am, inside your shirt. Yet we’ve never formally met.  I’m Sam, your stomach. Hey, eyes up here! Our relationship is…complicated. You stuff me, stretch me, neglect me. A stomach can only take so much! That’s where the 80Bites app comes in.

The 80Bites app is a sleek, simple, “pedometer for your mouth”. It’s easy to use: after every mouthful of food, just tap the “Bite” button. At the end of each day, check the Progress page. I’ll tell you how much you’re eating, when you’re eating the most, and how fast you’re chewing.

After just a few days of use, you’ll know if you’re overeating. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot dog or a salad: a bite is a bite! The 80Bites App goes hand-in-hand with the Plan: once you’ve mastered the art of counting bites, we’ll show you how to make a permanent lifestyle shift. If you’re ready to bite, we’re gonna make things right. I feel it in my gut!