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80Bites isn’t a diet. It’s a no-nonsense system to end constant hunger, bingeing and overeating. In just 12 simple steps, you’ll learn exactly what to do to rewire your brain and reset your body. Forget what you’ve heard about “good” or “bad” foods—you get to eat what you want and lose weight. It’s that simple.


Every three days for a six-week period, log in to access one of the 12 steps. Each step takes just 15 minutes to read and absorb. You’ll get a few easy tasks to focus on for three days before moving on to the next step.


The steps are divided into four categories:

QUANTITY Become more aware of how much you’re eating, and then learn to start downsizing your portions effortlessly. You get to eat the foods you’re accustomed to eating—there’s no need to purchase expensive products or follow labor-intensive recipes.

FREQUENCY Get the tools and techniques to help reduce how often you’re eating. (It turns out that all that frequent snacking actually works against you!)

QUALITY Finally, learn to orchestrate meals that won’t spike insulin and will keep you feeling full for hours. The best part: You can eat whatever you want. There are no “bad” or “good” foods with 80Bites!

BALANCE Strategies to help you navigate our crazy-stressed, diet-obsessed world.

You’ve likely been conditioned to believe that cutting calories, carbs or fat will help you lose weight. But the real issue at stake is a set of hormones, namely insulin, cortisol, leptin and ghrelin, responsible for weight. Listen to Mary Beth Langlinais, MS, RD, explain why.

Want to learn more? The book, Forget Calories…Hormones Rule!, which comes with The Plan, tells all.


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