The Plan

The 80Bites Plan

80Bites isn’t a diet—it’s a plan that teaches you how to rewire your brain to reset your body which will end the cycle of constant hunger, binge eating, and overeating.

Why Loading Up Your Plate With Veggies Doesn’t Work For Weight Loss

How It Works

Throughout a 6-week period, you will be introduced to new concepts within a 12-step program that will change how you think and feel about your body, eating, and food. 

Every 3 days,  80Bites will give you access to unlock the next Step in the Plan to experience more life-changing ideas.

After you’ve digested the 12 steps, you’ll not only notice an improvement in how you look and feel, but also how your eating habits have evolved as well!

What are the 12 Steps in the Program?


Awareness of how much you eat and how to downsize this amount.


Tools to reduce how often you are eating because of snacking and skipping meals.


Learn to assemble meals that buffer sugar and avoid insulin spikes.


Strategies to help you navigate a health-obsessed world. 

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