The Body Biz

Thanks to Natasha Singer for her New York Times article, “Those Recycled Resolutions Are a Boon for Business,” that gives us insight into how our damaged bodies are actually contributing to the economy. For example, we learn that a study commissioned by Weight Watchers reveals that their average dieter who attended meetings for two years lost six pounds. When you calculate the price of the meetings, the transportation costs to and from and the diet foods, we see that those few pounds are really expensive and supportive of our GNP.  Not surprisingly, Weight Watchers had revenues of $1.4 BILLION in the first three quarters of 2011!

Since Weight Watchers started in 1963, you would think that they would have run out of fat people a long time ago. Fortunately, their customers are loyal. Visit online sites and read their stories. One woman blogged that she has gained and lost and regained and  signed up 27 different times!  Maybe that’s why it is called Weight Watchers…not Weight LOSERS.

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