The Don’t-Diet Way To Lose Weight

80Bites premiered in Self Magazine 1987 (Photo shown below)
by Joan Breibart

One of Sir Winston Churchill’s wittiest pronouncements,” You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they have tried everything else,” was very relevant to three articles recently published. Allure magazine’s September cover story is “The No-Diet Diet – Eat Less, Feel Full”. It is 26 years since Self Magazine published our diet which obviously was ahead of its time. Additionally, the Allure magazine article even talks about the stomach – the focus of 80bites.

This should be news to readers who only know the stomach from cues such as “tighten your stomach!” Will they be surprised that the actual stomach should be a six-inch sausage-shaped organ located under the left breast? Next were two articles from New York Times columnists: fitness writer Gretchen Reynolds’s “How Exercise Can Help Us Eat Less,” followed by famed columnist Frank Bruni’s, “Hard Truth About Our Soft Bodies.” The latter talks about a “macro approach to the obesity issue rather than a micro.” Translation: stop obsessing about eating kale or “burning” calories with crazy exercise “CrossFit’s Dirty Llittle Secret.” The macro approach could be summed up as: close your mouth sooner and open it less often. Could this signal a trend? Could this be a shift in the weight loss mantra of “eat healthy and exercise more” which has not worked. Approximately 95% of people who lose weight regain it, and some regain even more “The Fat Trap.”
Now when it is obvious that obesity is everywhere, we find that all those failed strategies have also affected our brains! “The Mental Strain of Making Do With Less.”

But will the media establishment take on the issue and try to correct the oversimplifications that have fueled this epidemic? This is the right time to examine our dieting culture. Weight Watches has just celebrated its 50th anniversary! Jenny Craig and NutriSystems have been selling diets for decades. The big three have enjoyed sales of more than three billion dollars annually — until this year. Now diet sales are down more than 25%. This no-diet phenomenon happened before—in the early 90s — just when the Pilates Method was trying to explain the benefits of balanced exercise as opposed to a focus on calories.

So what can we do? We can start with the BMI—Body Mass Index — which was never intended as a measure of ideal weight. Today everyone has heard about the BMI. Using this measure a 5’6” woman could weigh 185 pounds and NOT be obese. However, if people knew about the HAMWI Formula, they would see the weight of the issue!! As if to underline this distortion a recent video arrived “Roll Over? Fat Chance.” Interesting that dog owners are concerned about their pet’s pounds, but not their own.

9 thoughts on “The Don’t-Diet Way To Lose Weight

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  7. This intrigues me! Everything you say makes sense! I am so thankful to have found you after decades of diet confusion, Weight Watchers, wasted gym memberships (even tho I still exercise because it makes me feel physically and mentally stronger), diet books which led me to where I am now and that is obese and prediabetic. I have just started the 80 bites plan with your app and I am already amazed at the mindfulness I have now and how much less I now eat everyday. I hated counting calories or points which led to obsession and more disappointment. I don’t know why you haven’t advertised your site in you tube or elsewhere, people need you! I have lost 5kg already and hope to lose 25 more. I can’t thank you enough but I do thankyou from the bottom of my heart. For the 1st time ever since I was a young girl of 16, my mind and body feels FREE

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