The 80Bites content is unlocked on weekly basis, and you can’t jump ahead. 80Bites focuses on FOUR Concepts – QUANTITY, FREQUENCY, QUALITY and BALANCE. We devote three weeks to each theme. Research has shown that 21 days is necessary to build a positive new habit.

You begin with the 80Bites App to find out how much you are eating.  The 80Bites App will slow down eating, encourage chewing and hopefully- make you laugh. A few days use is typically very revealing. Your count is a starting point. Bites consumed do not correlate with calories consumed so there’s no need to obsessively track them. The App helps you establish a guideline for portion control.

After one day using the App, begin The Plan, You will need about 15 minutes, once a week to read and absorb the information. Step by step for 12 weeks. That’s it.

Throughout the plan,  you start to de-bloat. You will find out when you begin that eating the correct quantity of food is not hard. Get Started now! Stop Stressing out about what to eat, it’s a very simple idea-eat, less often. After your 15 minute e-mail, take the rest of the week to be mindful about your eating habits.

Contrary to what you've been told, losing is not hard.