Success Stories

We don’t want to brag, but our 12-week, online program has gotten some pretty good feedback from satisfied customers. If you’re curious about 80Bites beyond the app, check out what others are saying:


“The change in my body is obvious. Yet the change in my head is so profound! Eating is now easy for me […] In fact, the only hard thing about 80Bites was admitting that I didn’t know everything about weight loss.” –Zoe Stein Pierce, Pilates Studio Owner, TX.

“It’s weird that no one understands that the stomach being over stretched is a huge reason why people aren’t able to know when they are full. I’ve been doing 80bites for four weeks. Now it seems almost automatic that I’m finished eating at 20 -25 bites. It’s easy when your stomach counts for you! And I am not stressed as I used to be when I dieted before, and believe me, I’ve done many diets.”  -Stephanie B, TX

“In the past 4 months following the 80Bites approach, I have lost 20 lbs. and have reduced my pant size from 36 to 34. I am a type 2diabetic. I have reduced a number of meds by over 30%, and my doctor recently told me that my improvement is amongst the best he has seen in his 24 years of practice. I can’t say enough what 80Bites has done for me.” -Sam Aloni

“I met Meredith when she was working at Florida Hospital in Orlando. I decided against (bariatric) surgery… you gave me the bite diet and I followed it. As an FYI, I’m down to 161 lbs. from 386 lbs. Thanks for getting me started!”      -Carol Adcock

“I dropped Weight Watchers and am just using my 80Bites. Without the frustration of point tracking, now I am happily eating with mylittle app. Thank you!” -Ellie Weber, CA

If you have a success story of your own that you would like to share, we would love to hear it!