Why Is CNN Making a Big Deal About Arab Obesity?

Is it because America is no longer the fattest country in the world? According to a recent CNN report, Kuwait now has that distinction: 70% of the adult males over 15 and 80% of the women are too big.

Or is it because American fast food is blamed for causing the obesity epidemic?  CNN reports on the popularity of our fast food chains, which were introduced during the Iraqi war.

Specifically, the CNN segment focuses on a 37 year old man suffering from a very American problem: obesity and its consequences. He already has Type 2 diabetes, and his excess weight makes daily life difficult.

While America is being blamed for forcing fast food upon the Middle East, the irony is that Kuwait is taking the same misguided steps as America did to solve the problem. Kuwaitis are trying the band-aid solutions of exercise and “healthy” foods even though America is a shining example that these tactics simply do not work.

In spite of many studies that challenge these beliefs (TIME , “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”; NY Times, “Debunking the Hunter-Gatherer Workout”), the media continues to herald intense exercise and the overeating of “healthy” food as the only way to cure obesity.

In America, we’ve seen the results of decades of so-called weight loss “solutions”: the highest obesity rates in history. The simple – but very often ignored – solution is for people to start closing their mouths sooner and opening them less often.  We’ve begun to shift the conversation here at www.80Bites.com, but we have a long way to go. Hopefully the world – America included – will get wise that history will continue to repeat itself unless we take a different route.