Surviving the Season of Indulgence

Thanksgiving kicks off the season of parties, family, gifts… and seemingly endless dishes of rich holiday treats. This is why most diets begin after the New Year: their Spartan regimes are better suited to the post-holiday mentality of purging. But what if you could enjoy that stuffing while dodging the extra pounds come January 1st? 80Bites offers a solution for surviving the season of indulgence.

Simply becoming aware of consumption puts you on track for a resolution-free New Year. The 80Bites mobile app ( is the party purse-sized secret weapon that equips you with the ultimate portion control tool – your own mouth. The app will help you keep off pounds through the holidays, and readies you for the full 12-week 80Bites program come January 1st.

Eat, drink and be merry (in moderation)

80Bites recognizes that holiday food is about honoring traditions, not counting calories. A diet of skinless chicken breasts and kale juice doesn’t exactly hold yuletide appeal for most of us. . 80Bites stands out as a program with principles that actually go hand-in-hand with holiday eating – a focus on pairing foods and savoring quality, texture and flavor. Equipped with an understanding of quantity, 80Bites attests that anyone can eat, drink and be merry (in moderation)!