Stars and Soda

Beyonce’s recent multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi has sparked a heated debate: is it ok for celebrities to endorse junk food?

An article in the NY Times launched the debate last week, and more folks are chiming in. As one commenter pointed out, a star would never align themselves with a cigarette brand in this day and age. Of course, no one will deny the dangers of nicotine, while the dangers of food are a little foggier. We’ll be the first to say that soda is A-OK… in moderation. But given the fact that over-comsumption of soda is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes in children, is it morally ok for celebs – especially those who have a massive influence on kids – to shill for junk food?

Beyonce isn’t the only culprit – Alternet rounded up a list of more celebs who have signed on with mainstream food brands. Then Coca Cola surprised everyone with an ad admitting to the dangers of too much soda.

We’re not sure where the conversation will lead, but we’re glad it’s happening.