Julia Child: The Original “80Biter”

Today marks the 100th birthday of Julia Child! Julia was a true visionary: not only did infuse the food world with her vivacious energy, she inspired Americans to savor cooking – and eating – as a true art form. She is a true culinary hero, and the original “80Biter”.

Julia Child


In fact, we were lucky enough to get a letter from Julia herself, praising 80Bites! Back in 2001 our program was called Diet Directives, but our philosophy of quality over quantity – and savoring every delicious bite – ┬áremained the same. As Julia was notorious for her reluctance to endorse products, it was a true honor to be recognized.┬áCheck out the original letter from Ms. Child here:

Cheers to you, Julia! Thank you for paving the way for good eating.