How to Begin a New Year’s Diet (Without Dieting)

January 1st means a brand new year, and for many… a brand new diet. Sigh. This year, instead of setting yourself up for the failure (and deprivation) of yet another diet, why not try a different way?

Believe it or not, the holidays are the perfect time to begin watching what you eat. And we mean that literally – watching what you eat,┬ánot changing! Over the next week or so of holiday feasting, use the 80Bites App to simply get a sense for how much you’re eating. Enjoy whatever you like – whether it’s grandma’s famous casserole or a few cookies off Santa’s plate. As you eat, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. At what bite count do I stop feeling hungry?
  2. What time of day am I hungriest?

The goal is to simply notice your response to the food. By the time January 1st rolls around, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how much food your stomach really needs. You’ll also begin to understand when your body likes to eat. These are the first two concepts of the 80Bites Plan: Quantity and Frequency.

Whether you know it or not (and you may believe there is no way you can enjoy Christmas cookies and still shed pounds!), you’re on your way to becoming a more conscious eater. Happy New Year!