Heavy Stuff

Much has been said about America’s obesity epidemic, and it can be a challenge to get to the bottom line amidst all the noise. HBO has taken on that task with The Weight of the Nation, the groundbreaking 4-part series that explores the weight crisis.

So what makes this particular film stand out? A couple key reasons:

  1. HBO has made the documentary free for all viewers online. They recognize that this film is important enough for everyone to see, regardless of whether they subscribe to HBO. You can tune in here.
  2. The film keeps it real. Avoiding sensationalism or dramatics, The Weight of the Nation sticks to the facts. It almost resembles a (very engaging, well-produced) school film your health teacher may shown in school.


The bottom line: while the situation is dire, solutions are out there – and they’re not as difficult as you might think. The Weight of the Nation definite must-see for every American eater.