(French) Food for Thought

We were thrilled to attend a conference this week at the French Culinary Institute exploring French and American perspectives on how we teach kids about food. It was a lively panel and a fun discussion, and there were some eye-opening revelations.

One standout was a study on chocolate cake. Specifically, what comes to mind when you’re presented with a slice:

In this particular study, both French and American people were asked what they equated with chocolate cake. The French reactions varied from “celebration” to “family”. The overwhelming American response? “Guilt”. Yikes!

Now, we’re certainly not saying the French way is the right way to eat. But this study certainly highlighted a big issue with American diet: the “guilt” (or shame, anxiety, etc) that results from eating foods we deem “bad”.

Some food for thought for the weekend: what if knocked the idea of “bad” food altogether, and instead strived to find a balanced way of enjoying all foods?