Flying the (Food) Friendly Skies!

Anyone who has suffered through wilty salads and cardboard chicken at 30,000 ft. can attest: airline food isn’t the greatest. We’re making a case for airline food, though, because they do offer SOME redeeming qualities.

QUANTITY: Meals designed to fit on a tiny airplane tray kind of have to be quantity-friendly. Check out this snappy clear tray from Lufthansa, a perfectly satisfying lunch that gets the 80Bites stamp of approval:


QUALITY: Yes, we’re serious! Some airlines are upping the ante for food quality, and a company called Quodpod is helping. Their their cool airplane food carriers feature sliding compartments that allow for hot and cold dishes:

BALANCE: Airline food trays, with their perfectly adjoining compartments, encouraging the often-forgotten art of food pairing. While taste may be debatable, airlines tend to offer balanced meals: a complimentary combo of proteins, carbs and veggies. When you’re preparing meals at home, keeping this empty airline food tray in mind will remind you to add different elements. Variety guarantees maximum meal satisfaction, on the sky or on the ground.