80Bites: Meet The Mad Group

80Bites is thrilled to announce our association with The Mad Group – the largest UK brand of yoga and Pilates equipment in the UK!

Believe it or not, 80Bites was actually born out of the fitness world. A quick history: our parent company, PhysicalMind Institute, helped launch the Pilates trend in the US over 20 years ago. Since then, they’ve been leaders in the Pilates certification/education field. PhysicalMind President and 80Bites co-creator, Joan Breibart, understood that weight loss and nutrition was a natural extension of Pilates. 80Bites is the nutritional counterpart to the Pilates philosophy of “less is more”.

The Mad Group is a leader in high-performance Pilates and yoga equipment in the UK. Both 80Bites and The Mad Group are committed to helping people achieve a mind-body balance, and we’re excited to work with them. If you’re a UK-based 80Biter, you can visit The Mad Group here: http://www.Fitness-Mad.com/