The Myth of “Unlimited” Foods

The term “All You Can Eat” probably conjures up images of a cheap roadside diner with fluorescent lighting However, the “All You Can Eat” concept has been somewhat sneakily hijacked by just about every mainstream diet in the game!

For example… Weight Watchers assigns point limitations to most foods, except fruits and veggies, which are “Unlimited”. Atkins requires a strictly no-carb diet… except for proteins, which you can go hog wild with. The Fat Smash Diet encourages you to drink an unlimited amount of water.

Look at any diet more closely, and you’ll see that there’s a “freebie” in there somewhere. At some point during America’s long history with dieting, we all became afraid of not having enough to eat.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: losing weight (and keeping it off) can ONLY happen if:

1)  Quantity is reduced (i.e. you don’t fill your stomach past a certain point – ideally 25 bites – of ANY food)

2)  Frequency is reduced (i.e. you eat 4 times a day at generally the same time, and eliminate grazing).

Sounds simple, and it is. But if you believe what these diets are telling you, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the “good food/bad food” trap and forget about Quantity.

Truth is, if you’re eating truly satisfying foods that you enjoy, you WILL have enough. If you master the very simple concepts of Quantity and Frequency, the other stuff simply doesn’t matter as much.

And the next time you see that “All You Can Eat” sign on the road, you’ll just smile and keep on driving.