The Big Three

How to use 80Bites to figure out everything you need to know about losing weight! Here are the 3 big questions, and how to answer them:

1. Are you overweight?  

Use the dietician’s HAMWI Formula (not the BMI!) to determine your ideal weight:

Women: If you’re 5’ tall, the target weight is 100 lbs. For each additional inch, add 5 lbs. (10% less if you are small boned; 10% more if you are big boned). Example: an average 5’4” female = 120 lbs.

Men: If you’re 5’ tall, the target weight is 106 lbs. Add 6 lbs. for each additional inch (10% swing either way). Example: 5’10” male = 172 lbs.

Every body is different, but the HAMWI formula will give you a sense of where you stand. If you’re unsure if you’re at a healthy weight, talk to your doctor.

2.  Are you eating too much (or too often)? 

The 80Bites app does this for you! The target is 80 bites total per day, broken down into 4 “eating events” (or meals.

If you don’t have access to the app, that’s ok. You can still count manually and record data (a good old fashioned pen and paper is perfect). You’ll be amazed by what just a few days of tracking can reveal!

3.  Did you answer “Yes” to questions 1 and 2? 

If you are both overweight and above the 80/4 measure, the 12-week 80Bites Plan is for you. What to eat (everything) and what to drink (fewer ounces and fewer calories) are included. Calories, fat, processed food – all of this matters, but it comes second to stomach size. And getting you and your stomach on happy terms is exactly what 80Bites is here to do.