Snacking: The Rule of Two

We have some refreshing food news for you. When is comes to snacking, most of you should actually be eating more.

In this day and age of snacking, the Single Food has become king. Individually wrapped granola bars, single servings of potato chips, a quick piece of fruit…  these foods are designed to be grabbed and gobbled on the go. The foods themselves aren’t the problem, though – it’s eating them by themselves that’s trouble.

If you’re going to go to the trouble of “waking up” your stomach and putting your digestive system to work, you may as well get some mileage out of it! A snack should leave your taste buds satisfied and your stomach sustained. A single food item can rarely accomplish this, so we abide the simple Rule of Two:


We realize the “Something Else” may not be the most scientific explanation, but it’s easy to remember! The reason for the Rule of Two is that snacking becomes worth your while when you treat it like a Mini Meal. Just like at breakfast, lunch or dinner, the goal is to combine flavors and textures to excite your taste buds. Adding protein to the mix ensures that you’ll feel satisfied and energized.

So what does the Rule of Two look like in practice? Just look at what you’re already eating, and fill in the missing part of the equation. So if you’re grabbing an apple in the afternoon, add a handful of almonds. Half a bagel? Try a slice of cheese. A piece of dark chocolate goes beautifully with a banana for a sweet treat. Cottage cheese and fresh veggies are a great combo.

Fruit and Nuts: a match made in 80Bites snacking heaven.

With a bit of planning and practice, it’s quite simple to adopt the Rule of Two and create on-the-go snacks that fit in with your busy lifestyle. And by making sure your snack foods are never lonely, you’re ensuring that you’ll have the energy to keep up with it all.