Myth: Grazing is the Way to Go!

Grazing (in case you don’t know) is a nice word for “snacking”. It’s a term that suggests eating a little bit all day long, and that several “mini meals” per day is idea. This myth has been around for nearly three decades, strengthened by the on-the-go snack industry. The catch is, the notion of grazing didn’t spring out of the desire to help people lose weight. It started as a way for the food companies to deal with what they called “the fixed stomach.”

See, our stomachs used to limit capacity (they still can, if you begin eating regular amounts at regular intervals). This was really bad if you were in the business of selling food to a population that wasn’t growing fast enough to increase profits. This was the situation in the 1980’s, when snacking was renamed grazing. On-the-go food was at your fingertips wherever you went, and profits soared.

Not only did grazing sound less childish and more nutritious than snacking, the geniuses behind it (whose goal was to increase consumer food consumption) knew that everyone would just add mini-meals to the existing three squares. And boy, were they right! Today, we eat all day long. As a result, we have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d our stomachs, so that we actually feel hungrier more often! This is because the more you eat, the hungrier you are. In addition to boosting the bottom line of food corporations who benefit to the tune of billions from our increased consumption, grazing actually trains your body to want food all the time – because it’s in a constant state of digestion. It works and works and never rests. No wonder it gets tired and becomes less efficient in processing your food!

Eating three meals a day at regular intervals (and one snack, if you want it) is the best way to curb hunger for good.