Myth: Eating Late Will Make You Gain Weight

For years now, popular opinion has dictated that it’s a major no-no to eat after six… or seven… or eight.

Anyone who has ever been to Argentina, however, knows this theory is full of holes: a country of 40 million people who wouldn’t dream of sitting down to dinner before 9:30pm. The truth is that eating late has no more impact on your body than eating at any other time of day. It’s how much you eat and how often that dictates your size!

The origins of the “eat late, get fat” myth stem from traditional dieting. When you’ve spent the day nibbling on salad and fat free cookies, your body is craving real sustenance. As any veteran yo-yo dieter will attest, willpower starts to fade as the sun goes down, and before you know it you’re standing in front of the fridge at 11pm eating ice cream out of the carton!

Of course, this behavior  – which boils down to fasting and bingeing – will lead to weight gain. But time of day really has nothing to do with it. Eating a large amount of food – whether it’s in the morning or evening – will stretch your stomach and throw your digestive patterns off balance.

So the moral of this myth is: if you train your body to start thinking in terms of quantity instead of time, you’re on the right track to shedding pounds.