Myth: “All You Can Eat” Restaurants Are a Good Value

It’s been said that inexpensive foods are actually quite costly – in terms of what they do to our bodies. But believe it or not, they actually empty our wallets as well! The best example? All-American, all you can eat buffet. Obviously, if you can eat a day’s worth of calories for $6.95, you’re getting a bargain, right? Not exactly!

As long as you take the “all you can eat” art seriously when visiting a buffet, the meal will cost you more than the menu price. Add in the cost of all the over the counter digestive aids like acid reflux pills, heart burn liquids, gas relievers and laxatives…
never mind the pricey prescription drugs you eventually require! Similarly, even if you manage to endure digestive issues without the medicine, you’re still building a bigger holding tank by stretching your stomach. As a result, you’re no longer able to sense fullness and you need to shovel in increasingly large amounts of food to feel sated. Up goes your grocery bill along with your health care premiums, chances for diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleep apnea, memory loss, food allergies and a whole host of other issues linked to obesity. So much for cheap eats!