Eight Is Enough… Or Too Much?

“Eight glasses a day” has become the mantra for drinking water in the past few years. We’re not sure who exactly came up with this number, but most of us took it to heart… and we have the extra-large water bottles and  countless packets of Crystal Light to show for it!

But what if all that water was actually doing our bodies (and the environment) more harm than good? MSN Health makes a great case against chugging H20 that you can check out here.

Don’t get us wrong, water is a wonderful thing, and essential to life. In fact, it might be time we start viewing water as the precious planetary resource it is, rather than a weight loss tool. Those plastic bottles have to go somewhere, folks!

Bottom line: drink when you’re thirsty. Which means far less than 64 oz. per day (unless you spend your days hiking through the Sahara).