Bites vs. Chews

When some people first hear about 80Bites, their initial response is shock.

“I can only eat 80 bites a day?! But my afternoon snack alone was more than 80 bites!”

Usually the case isn’t that the person had a 4 cheeseburgers as an afternoon snack. Rather, they didn’t understand that 80 per day means bites, not chews. A bite is one mouthful, and a chew is what you do with that mouthful! So no, we’re not telling you to chew only 80 times a day. In fact, we encourage you to increase¬†your number of chews, as this helps you slow down, ease digestion, and allows you to enjoy your food more thoroughly. Here’s a simple way to remember it:

80Bites = Fewer Bites + More Chews


People still balk at the number 80, however. It may sound small, but 80 bites per day actually measures out to around the same quantity that other diets prescribe. Weight Watchers, The Zone, Jenny Craig… when you examine their recommended portions, they average out to around 80 bites. Meredith Luce, RD and co-creator of 80Bites, decided that counting bites was simply much easier than adding up points, grams, calories, etc. And anyone who had tried our app will agree!

Overweight individuals often average over 150 bites per day, but are completely unaware of the fact that they’re stretching their stomachs. If the idea of counting bites intrigues you (or freaks you out), give the 80Bites app a test run. Within a few days you’ll know if you’re overeating. You’ll also be surprised at how quickly counting with the app turns into a natural ability to sense quantity. Try it and see for yourself!

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