A New Formula

Optimistic dieters skimming the New York Times last week may have been shocked by what they read. First, the newspaper suggested evidence of a “fat gene” that keeps pounds on despite your best efforts. In the very same issue, Natasha Singer reported that dieters’ failures are actually crucial to the success of “big diet” companies. The media is finally coming to the conclusion that frustrated yo-yo dieters have suspected for years: mainstream diets simply do not work. In fact, studies suggest they are actually designed to fail.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: not only is the old formula ineffective, every failed diet is actually a strike against your metabolism. Drastic weight loss, though initially encouraging, disrupts the body’s hormonal balance, making it nearly impossible to keep the weight off. Unlike current gluten-free and juice cleanse fads we see popping up, 80Bites’ emphasis on QUANTITY over content allows for gradual, permanent weight loss. Our program also challenges long-held diet beliefs, such as the benefits of constant snacking or the “filling up” on low-cal foods (both disrupt hormones and increase hunger). The bottom line: The 80Bites system of less quantity, less often works with your body’s hormones, leading to gradual – but permanent – weight loss.

With the majority of Jenny Craig’s revenue coming from repeat customers, and the average dieter losing only 6 lbs. after 2 years on Weight Watchers, it’s clear that the system is broken. 80Bites was created for people who don’t have the time (or desire) to devote their lives to weight loss. Our goal is permanent weight loss and total balance – not repeat customers.