A Mindful Month

Anybody who has been tempted by pumpkin pie during the month of December can attest: dieting during the holidays is a lost cause.

We agree. Who wants to ruin the season of culinary celebration by stressing over every mouthful?

Whether we like it or not, however, January 1st is right around the corner. For many of us, 2012 will begin with a grudging attempt to cancel out six weeks of feasting.

80Bites offers a solution. It’s possible to lay the groundwork now for a successful January – while still allowing yourself to enjoy and indulge. How? By dedicating the month of December to awareness.

The 80Bites mobile app (www.80BitesApp.com) is about more than counting bites. It teaches you to pay attention, slow down and (believe it or not) enjoy each bite to the fullest. Whether you realize it or not (and you may not, because mindful eating is really quite enjoyable), you’re preparing yourself to make lasting changes in January.

So this December, don’t even think about dropping pounds. Devote the month to simply paying attention. Come January, you’ll be ready for the full 80Bites program. In fact, as a newly-conscious eater, you’ll have a head start! So give yourself an early New Year’s gift and try the app out today.

The secret to a successful New Year


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