More Testimonials!

Here are a few more success stories:

“I really think you’re onto something big in helping people manage their diet. The idea of restriction is really interesting. That no matter what it is including veggies and tofu eating too much of it will hurt you. That feels really aspirational and could move the fitness crowd. So it’s less about obesity and more about optimized lifestyle. Sexier, smarter, more enlightened. A way to become a modern and technical aesthetics. The beauty of the 80 bites.
– Alex Bogusky, Advertising Man of the Year

“I used 80 Bites app only three times, but it made me change my eating habits. I never felt like I was on a diet. I just prepared smaller portions, stopped eating between meals and cut down on sweets. It makes me feel just as good – no: even better, because I don’t feel any remorse while eating anything. I lost 10 pounds in three months and they never came back. I recommend it.” -Eva Rincke, Germany , author of JOSEPH PILATES. DER MANN, DESSEN NAME PROGRAMM WURDE

“Recently I have been getting compliments on my new figure which are always followed by “how many pounds have you lost?” I keep hoping that someone will say “inches lost” since that is what 80Bites is about. I have lost 35 inches in a few months, along with 20 pounds. What is more important though is that I’ve found a system that I can live with… forever! And that is a relief given that I have spent more than half my life dieting with the predictable results: lose some weight; regain; lose it again. Of course, I have tried Atkins and other popular diets. If I had known about 80Bites I would never have become a yo yo dieter. “– K. McCord

“I lost seven pounds in my first 21 days. Now, I know how much to eat. I really think I can stick to this as long as I need to. I feel very in control of my eating which is where I want to be. I really can’t say enough good things about your plan.” – JN, New Jersey

“From my own dieting experiences, I am well aware of how easy it is to become obsessive about counting calories and avoiding certain food groups. I found the 80Bites approach of combining various food groups and maintaining regular eating intervals to make good sense. I believe it would prevent the feeling of deprivation that is so much a part of dieting and also the reason many diets fail.” – MD, Washington DC

“The issue of water consumption was very interesting to me. I tried to consume 2 litres of water a day in addition to a diet of high water content foods such as salads and vegetables. I have found this difficult and felt it to be against my body’s natural need. 80Bites made me aware of how forced and artificial the excessive water consumption was.” – DW, Australia

“Having tried the “Fit for Life Diet” where certain food groups must be consumed separately, I was constantly hungry, nauseous and craved high GI simple carbohydrate food. I like the notion of a balanced meal. It tastes better.” – CW, Florida

“I believe that the 80Bites approach is sensible, logical and aligned with the natural needs of the human body and psyche. This will help clients return to a healthier and safer eating philosophy.” – SR, New Zealand

“Before 80Bites I had been food combining, and had been a vegetarian for years. Having been a dancer by profession most of my life, I definitely have had food issues and disordered eating. The program makes many points that ring true to me personally. There is no question we apply the phrase “good food” and “bad food” to extremes. So much so that we obsess and ultimately end up gaining weight. I also agree that being consistent in quantity is a must. It all made sense.  I feel it is something that can make a difference to help people regain control, but also to enjoy eating without so much excess baggage. I found my perception of meals as an event also helped take away the “good/bad” labels and made eating a joy.” – SD, Michigan

“Before 80Bites, I did not realize how often I fell into the traps of dieting: cutting out food groups, not eating regularly. I was definitely caught up in the “good” vs. “bad” food types. This plan for life makes so much sense! Eating a normal diet in smaller amounts and more consistently has already helped me lose weight and sustain energy. This is an easy, efficient and effective program for a lifetime of healthy and happy eating!” – AA, Wyoming

“80Bites has made me rethink the way that I look at food and eating. I no longer count calories or read labels or try to figure out if I am eating the right percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. I don’t give up the foods that make the experience of eating enjoyable. Also, I notice that by following 80Bites I focus more on taste and notice the texture, and therefore eat less, and eat more slowly.” – J.D. New Mexico

“I am very aware that my body needs carbohydrates, protein, and fats but I never really thought about how foods interact with each other when they are combined. It makes sense that paying attention to the texture and taste when you organize a meal will help you select a balanced meal.” – JG, New York