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Believe it or not, 80 daily bites equals out to the same quantity that people happily ate before supersizing and grazing stretched their stomachs! All diets require counting – whether it’s calories, fat grams or points. But bites are the simplest, most natural way to monitor quantity. Bites are just the beginning of this unique program, though.

Over the course of 12 weeks on 80Bites, you’ll learn that you really can eat less food, less often – and feel satisfied. We’ll give you tools to rewire your body’s hunger cravings. You’ll stop obsessing about food. You’ll gain balance and lose weight.


All mainstream diets follow the same formula: manipulate nutrients, avoid “off-limits” foods, and fill up on low-cal foods as often as you wish. They promise quick results and easy maintenance. Diet experts have figured out all the numbers, and these diets should work. But they don’t. Why not?

The mainstream diet formula works against you in 3 ways:

Losing weight too quickly causes the body to rebel. Hormone levels rise and fall drastically, causing your body to go into “survival” mode. And when your body can’t adapt to weight loss, it’s nearly impossible to keep weight off.

Snacking throughout the day overworks your stomach. Your body detoxes between meals. When you graze all day, your stomach has no time to rest. An inconsistent eating schedule also means the stomach is constantly anticipating food – resulting in constant hunger.

Overeating – even “healthy” food – you stretch your stomach. When you eat too much food (whether it’s carrots or cookies), your stomach stretches. A stretched stomach requires more food to feel full, resulting in more overeating.

The bottom line: once the body is out of balance, it fights and resists your good efforts. The old diet formula actually works against your body’s chemistry. But if the system is normalized, your body will naturally shed those extra pounds

80Bites offers a new solution: with work with your digestive hormones to create lasting weight loss.The program is based on the way people ate before dieting became an obsession. By working with your body rather than against it, you’ll repair your broken digestive system in just 3 months.

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