80BITES – Reset Your Body in 12 Weeks

    It’s the only program that:
  • Doesn’t demonize or glorify any food group.
  • Explains why the “calories in calories out” directive confuses the body.
  • Shows you one effortless way to lower cortisol level – the stress hormone that causes weight gain.
  • Works for all ages and body types, regardless of your current weight and size.
  • Helps restore stomach size (which is how people, like Jackie O, stayed thin before calorie-counting caused us to gain weight.)
  • Only takes 15 minutes, once a week, to learn everything you need to master your weight.
  • Helps you erase guilt around food and eating so you can stop stressing out about your meals (which raises cortisol and causes you to binge!)
These people changed their eating with 80Bites.